Nice to Meet You.

Maggie Kirkpatrick is a UX Designer and photographer located in Frederick, Maryland.

Born in 1998 and raised in Washington State as a child, she began creating photos at age fourteen in the backyard of her childhood home and is entirely self-taught. A large part of her identity, the theme of home is central to her work, with her main focus on the preservation of memories. Exploring emotional states and consolidating vulnerability is something she strives for when creating pieces.

Wanting to learn something new, she turned to UX Design. The world of UX has allowed her to combine her years of experience as a photographer with functional and lasting design, where she can contribute to the lives of every day people.

When she isn't working on a UX project, you will always be able find her in the woods with her camera.

You can find her photography here.



Bettie Award Winner - Delaplaine Art Museum, 2017

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