Case Study: Dacha Corp


Dacha Corp is a company located in Cape Town, South Africa, specializing in medical cannabis. They wanted a complete visual design revamp of their existing website, as well as an overhaul of their information architecture.

Team Project


UX Designer

UX Researcher


One week sprint


Figma, Miro, Wix


Heuristic Analysis

Since we were working on a visual design revamp in addition to an information overhaul, we decided to conduct a heuristic analysis on the existing website's homepage, to provide a starting point in identifying areas of improvement.

1. Unclear as to why "Products" and "Shop" are listed separately.

2. Awkward position for header text, feels more like filler for the page.

3. Informational text is good, but could  go into header instead of being separate.

4. Learn More button is a bit ambiguous, only informative text is "Find out more about what we are doing..."

5. Find Out How button is also ambiguous. Unclear as to where this will take a user.

6. Footer is lacking some information that could be useful, such as a small contact form/address, social media links, etc.

Let's tackle this problem:

How might we restructure Dacha Corp's information architecture and redesign the website to make it more accessible for users, as well as create an authentic, trustworthy website for users to confidently purchase cannabis/CBD infused products?

And create a solution:

Dacha Corp will be an eCommerce website that provides users with a visually engaging, accessible, and trustworthy space for users to confidently purchase cannabis/CBD infused products.

User Interviews

We started off the project by interviewing users of medical marijuana to get a better understanding of what customers expect from a business when purchasing cannabis.

Affinity Map



In order to overhaul the information architecture, we decided to create two siteflows; one existing and one current.


Lo-Fidelity Prototype

With the initial research phase completed, we moved on to create a lo-fi iteration, the first step in our visual design overhaul

Style Guide

High Fidelity Prototype

Next Steps

Although we were working on a very limited time frame, I'm grateful for this opportunity to work independently alongside fellow UX Designers. If given more time to work on this project, these are next steps that I would have loved to follow through on.

  • Prototyping and possible development of points/rewards system for recurring customers
  • Mobile design creation

Next Up: TBD

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