Case Study: Freedge


Freedge is a non-profit, grassroots organization that is dedicated to tackling food insecurity on a community level. This team project was aimed to provide an organized and informative space for resources on how to begin a Freedge, improving user experience, as well as providing a space for education on food insecurity.

Team Project


UX Designer

UX Researcher


Two week sprint


Figma, Miro


Where do we begin?

Mission: Reduce food waste, build stronger communities, promote equal access to healthy food.

Strategy: Provide a space for resources on starting a Freedge.


Our Goal:

  • Reformat Information Architecture
  • Expand Accessibility
  • Identify user goals and frustrations

User Interviews

We decided to kick off the project by interviewing the Freedge founder as well as existing Freedge users. This helped us to understand the business goals and what users expected from the website.

Affinity Map

Key Insights

• Knowing laws and legislation when setting up a Freedge is a huge issue for new and existing users

• Knowing how to source food and proper procedures for finding a suitable location was crucial

Accessing organized resources is critical, as it needs to be a space that users can constantly keep referring to before, during, and after the set up of a Freedge

Journey Map



Problem Statement

Violet wants to run a public refrigerator to help address food insecurity. She needs a clear, centralized hub for relevant information because the current resources are confusing, outdated, and disparate.

Solution Statement

Freedge.org will be a space to provide users with centralized and clear resources. It will provide an overview of the process of running a Freedge.

User Flow and Site Map

We developed a site map as well as created a user flow. Throughout our design phase, we ensured the following:

  • mission statement, to provide detailed information on Freedge and its work as a non-profit
  • Providing a step by step navigational system that consolidated important information from Freedge's resources, into something more organized and streamlined for users

Site map changes incorporates information into one organized page that is more streamlined for users. 

We structured the user flow based on the fact that Freedge.org would be a constant resource that Freedgers would be returning to.


Sketches and Lo-Fi Iterations

We decided to each create sketches that accurately represented our iterated user flow and site map. After creating sketches individually, we came together to combine our iterations into one cohesive low fidelity prototype.

Style Guide

High Fidelity Prototype

We are currently working with the founder to implement our design on the website, coming in 2021.

Next Steps

The hard work exhibited by everyone in the team made the process of this project a very rewarding experience. I feel very fortunate to have worked with fellow UXers, and while the project has been completed within the parameters of the sprint, there are next steps to be taken.

  • Prototyping and testing the "Donate" and "Find a Freedge" links
  • Creation of a mobile design
  • Implementing our design onto the existing website

Next Up: 312 Boxing

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